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Our Story

Mexican-Indian Food

Our Story

Border Taco; A story of cultural fusion.

At Border Taco we believe that food connect cultures, help us to find our roots, and makes people happy. My name is Israel, owner of Border Taco. I am from Mexico City -one of the largest cities in the world-. My wife Alpi is from ... Unjha, a small town in the north of India. Together, we have joined forces to fusion two of the best and most complex cuisines in the world; Mexican, and Indian -not an easy task, but absolutely delicious-. Even that our hometowns are separated more than 9,000 miles, our strong bond to food connected us in one of the most diverse cities in the world: Chicago.

We, at Border Taco, believe that food knows no borders, no skin color, no gender, no race. Food is not only the fuel to our body but also the fuel to our soul. Food gives us identity, and when we learn to love food, we become a better version of ourselves. That’s why at Border Taco we prepare every single meal with love and care.Since 2018, we have connected the best version of us to the food we prepare. From buying the best ingredients, to carefully preparing our dishes, we strive every day on serving the best Mexican-Indian food with exceptional customer service.

Times are tough, but with love, dedication, and your kind support, we will continue waking up every day with the idea that food made with love can connect us, so we can continue breaking borders and make our world a better place to live.

Welcome to Border Taco


An Original Fusion with an Amazing Flavor.


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